Web Development

Amcipher posses very strong skills sets in building web using latest technology like HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and PHP. We are expert in using several frameworks like AngularJS, Bootstrap, jQueryMobile along with meteorJS to create the need of making websites responsive.

MeteorJS Development

We use modern application development framework Meteor for building web and mobile apps in a fraction of the time. By using javascript everywhere approach Meteor allows us to build your product clean and faster, with less bugs, and for more platforms.

Android Development

Amcipher has incredible Android Developers and designers specializing exclusively to meet your needs. Amcipher is well placed with technical and design expertise that runs the gamut of Android application. The Amcipher process begins and ends with the client.

iOS Development

Amcipher’s presence in mobile application development is far reaching. With expertise in mobile app development services, the company has been a prominent name in developing iPhone apps for a number of clients from many different industries including ecommerce.

Graphic Designing

At Amcipher we provide custom design solutions that get attention and work beautifully. We're ready to help you with thoughtful logo designs, banner designing, savvy business cards and letterhead, so you can expand your business with pride and confidence.

Development Process

Best-in-class digital projects require technology that perfectly supports the design. We rely on the right tools for the job, not a one-size-fits-all tech stack.

The Analysis & Design Phase produces a number of deliverables, but it primarily allows us to collaborate with you to better understand your business, identify unique functional/design requirements and discuss the various technical options that will impact the budget. During the subsequent Development & Implementation Phase, a dedicated project manager works closely with you to guide the construction of your website, oversee thorough testing and ensure timely delivery. This 2-phase approach truly allows you to create a detailed ''blueprint'' and get a fixed price before you ''build the house''.

With Amcipher, you essentially get a full-service web development department for your project. Projects differ in size and resource needs. So we bring in the right qualified resources at the right time throughout the project to meet your scope, budget and time frame requirements.













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